• We converted an existing block of 80 flats which was being serviced by a single plant room into two sets of 40 flats, with each set being serviced by a dedicated plant room

  • We converted a storage room into a second plant room creating new pipework for the building

  • We provided a new plant room arrangement that promoted greater reliability, easier control and brought value for money in terms of capital expenditure

  • We installed two additional hot water cylinders to the old plant room to feed into the 40 flats on the left hand side whilst work was being undertaken

    The boilers we selected were three Vaillant ecoTEC 100kw wall mounted boilers, including fully modulating low NOx burner, which means lower NOx emissions are achieved

    We also chose these boilers as they provided easy access to all components from the front, along with a single electronic circuit board and flue gas analysis point, which meant that future repairs and servicing costs would be kept to a minimum for the client.

    Challenges / Solutions / Value engineering

    We had to work within the existing infrastructure for the old plant room.  During the course of the work we located leaks to several valves on the existing pipework, which had to be rectified alongside the conversion programme. 

    Furthermore, pressure tests identified flaws with the existing pipework design and therefore we had to work with the client to redesign the system whilst keeping the project on time and on budget.