For this project, the plant room was required to be built from scratch.  We installed two Remeha Gas 610 Eco Pro and two Remeha Gas 1150 Eco Pro.  These boilers are fully condensing pre-assembled floor standing boiler consisting of 2 individual modules within one casing and a common flue outlet.  The boilers are manufactured to ISO 9001, and are CE approved.

The Plant room was located directly underneath and serviced the Library building of the heritage estate in central London houses chambers from which barristers practice. The 3-month project included the installation of four new boilers and pumps, fresh air ducting and the extension of existing pipework.

Challenges / Solutions / Value engineering

We were faced with many challenges when undertaking this project, including;

Working within the confines of a grade-listed building. The room being serviced was a historic library and one of the many site considerations involved ensuring that the irreplaceable books were protected throughout the course of the project.  We worked closely with library staff, providing full sheeting protection to each shelf and unit in the the room, and obtaining a sign off from the staff that they were happy with the level of protection before any work on the plant room went ahead.

As the area was a live environment where lawyers were working throughout the day, there were strict noise restrictions in place.  The operatives could only drill between the hours of 9-10am and 3-4pm each day, including weekends.  The Project Manager therefore adjusted the programme to ensure that additional operatives were booked in for these specific times to ensure that maximum drilling work could be completed and thus not unduly delay the programme.

The Inns of Court Gardens were in constant use so any waste could not be left outside.  All debris and waste building material had to be removed from site immediately.  The Project Manager had a dedicated waste removal team on site at all times to clear the site and transport it away to the local landfill each day.

The project was also micro-managed by the client due to the high-level of security within the premises.  Each member of staff had to be escorted through the building to the work site on each visit, which meant that the working day was shorter to allow for these checks

The asbestos removal aspect of the work,carried out by another contractor, delayed handover of the project from the client to Gilmartins by four weeks, putting a strain on the delivery of our boiler install project as the heating had to be up-and-running by the completion date due to winter fast approaching.  The late handover meant that Gilmartins Project Manager had to amend and condense the programme and assign additional resource as well as out-of hour working to ensure the project was completed on time.  We are happy to confirm that the project was completed on schedule and on budget and the client was very happy with the results.